The Biggest Slide in the World

Two recently-orphaned boys are shipped off to a 1970s New England Boarding School, where they try to make sense of a nonsensical world where dreams and reality become interchangeable. The football captain might have ram’s horns, and antler-boy might roam the wombat caves. And when everything starts to unravel, a caring aunt with a sense for adventure tries to break them out.

Available now from HASH.

Only Frank Haberle can create a story that is quirky and surreal yet completely believable and real. Two orphaned brothers, unwanted by all except one reluctant aunt get shuffled around by relatives before landing in a boarding school with sprinkler-obsessed headmaster. Harry Potter without wands, A Series of Unfortunate Events minus empowerment, The Biggest Slide in the World makes you laugh while wondering if you should be. Truly a must-read from a gifted new voice in literature.

William E Burleson, author and publisher for Flexible Press

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