Shufflers is a novel about people moving from job to job, and place to place, in the minimum-wage economy of the 1980s.

From a pool hall in lower manhattan, to a fishing pier in maine; from a loading dock in colorado to a dishwashing station in pennsylvania; from a construction site in oregon to a cannery in alaska, danny the shuffler struggles to find connection and a sense of place–but it’s the people he meets along the way, all caught in their own minimum-wage struggles, that give him the faith and resilience to keep moving on.

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What people are saying

“As a panoramic portrait of Reagan’s America seen through the eyes of Danny, an everyman factotum who’s a precursor to the gig worker, Shufflers is quietly incendiary and has never been more timely… Frank Haberle’s novel in stories remind us how close we all are to falling through the rotting floorboards of the America we refuse to see.”—Leland Cheuk, author of No Good Very Bad Asian

“I yearn for a world that embraces eccentrics and perhaps deems them prophets. Frank Haberle’s skillfully rendered stories remind us to pay attention to damaged individuals, renew our capacities to have spontaneous experiences, and remember the what-the-hellishness of youth.”
— Lori Kent , Hunter College, Founder of Code Vert Arts

“Frank Haberle is a storyteller’s storyteller—down-to-earth, subtle, humble, but confident when it counts. In Shufflers he blends experience, craft, wisdom and wit to put forth a collection of tales that will move you emotionally when you read it—and mean even more to you after you read it.”—John McCaffrey, Author of Book of Ash and Two-Syllable Men

“I love Frank Haberle’s stories and will dive into a new one any chance I can get—face first, off a cliff, without looking… Open this collection anywhere and become an instant fan.”— M. M. De Voe, author of Book & Baby

Press and more

Frank spoke with Nnayaha Avonna of the Sunroom at Blood Bought Books.

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NY Writer’s Coalition

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Here’s a song from Shufflers, the Ballad of Hot Dog, written by Frank and sung and played by his brother Sean: 

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