Frank Haberle


Frank Haberle is the author of Shufflers (Flexible Press, Minneapolis, September 1 2021), a novel about transients moving through minimum-wage jobs in the 1980s. Frank’s short stories have won awards from Pen Parentis, Beautiful Loser Magazine, the Sustainable Arts Foundation, and (most recently) the 2021 Rose Warner Prize for Fiction. Frank works professionally as a nonprofit development writer, and volunteers as a workshop leader for the NY Writers Coalition. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and three children.

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Frank has benefitted from, supports and appreciates the mission driven nonprofit and philanthropic organizations that have inspired him and others who operate outside mainstream literary circles: the NY Writers Coalition, the Creative Center at University Settlement, Pen Parentis, the Sustainable Arts Foundation, the Writing Den, and Bronx Loaf. Frank also appreciates the opportunity to publish with a mission-driven press that supports nonprofits, Flexible Press. Frank is especially grateful to the writers of the Moving Pen, his community writing group of the past 15 years, for their courage and inspiration.

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